TV wall mounting rules

TV has become an indispensable attribute of any apartment or house. Now quite popular has become a way to install the TV, when it is installed on the wall. It helps to save space and creates an interesting design. You can hang the TV on the wall either on your own or by using the services of a special service, such as this one

Do not know how to hang a TV on the wall?

It’s easy if you stick to a few rules:

  • before you hang up the TV, check with the wiring plan, so that during installation you do not damage the wiring, but rather entrust this matter to a specialist;
  • heavy panel (over 25 kg) is more convenient to hang together;
  • when installing the TV on a wall, consider the space for ventilation of the device so that the TV panel does not overheat during operation. In the niche there should be a distance from the upper and lower edges of 20-25 cm.

Before you hang the TV on the wall, decide what type of wall in your apartment to choose the right screws.

They are:

  • dowel for concrete
  • dowel for hollow bricks,
  • in the form of “snail” or “butterfly” for drywall. When tightening the screw, in the inner side of the wall, the dowel expands like a butterfly, forming a reliable support before you hang the TV on drywall;
  • dowel not less than 30 mm – for a wooden wall.

Unpacking the box with the bracket, pay attention to the presence of instructions and a set of dowels (4 pcs.), bolts to the device, washers and spacers:

  • remove the drawer bracket mechanism from the box,
  • unscrew one of the two parts with a special key,
  • determine the height of the center of attachment of the base bracket on the wall using a tape measure and level,
  • mark the holes for the screws,
  • drill holes in the wall (it is better to drill the concrete with a perforator) and insert dowels into them,
  • screw the plate securely to the wall,
  • attach the second part of the bracket to the plate after making bolts on it.

Place the TV on a soft surface with the screen facing down so as not to damage the surface.

Unscrew the screwdriver stand. Holes are marked on the back panel – for fixing the bracket slots. Secure them and hang the design on the bracket:

  • tighten the screw with a screwdriver,
  • mask them with decorative caps,
  • if there is no channel cable in your bracket, use nylon cable ties and position the cable as you see fit.

To hang an LCD TV on the wall, choose the most appropriate type of bracket:

  • unregulated structures are designed to secure the device on the wall. In most cases, they are used to mount a TV with a large diagonal;
  • inclined brackets with horizontal or vertical inclination are used for medium-sized screens;

Swivel models make it possible to rotate the TV screen vertically and horizontally. On such brackets attach small panels, because the design can not withstand heavy loads.

When buying a TV in the store, experienced handymen with the necessary equipment, professionally install and connect the device. They guarantee high-quality and timely service for the entire period of contractual obligations. It is better to immediately find such specialists and use their services. If you decide to install the TV yourself, it is important to treat this process very carefully, because you can damage an expensive TV during the installation process. Another dangerous moment is that the TV can fall over time and break as a result. Repairing televisions is often very expensive, so it’s better to pay some money to professional handymen who can install a television for you.

At what height to hang the TV?

The height for the installation of the device is chosen individually. Optimal for vision – the location of the TV at eye level or 0.7-1.25 m from the floor level.

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