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Rain Shower Head Reviews is a collection of reviews of consumer home products like rain showerheads, with an emphasis on specific hand-picked standout choices which have ranked high on consumer feedback scores and received lovely testimonials from delighted buyers.

You’ll not only find the latest models and hottest new designs featured on this site, but also enjoy in depth rain shower head reviews to help you narrow your choice and find the one that’s perfect for you!


Rain Shower Head Reviews, Buying Guides & Brands

Best Rain Shower Head Reviews

We search high and low to find the very best rain shower heads that offer exceptional value. You’ll find information about features, price and special aspects to consider before choosing the best rain shower head for your needs.

Rain Shower Head Buying Guide

To find the rain shower head that’s right for you, see our rain shower head buyers guide on the features you must look for and tips to get the highest value from your purchase.

Rain Shower Head Brands

Go shopping for rain shower heads at the world’s most trusted ad-free online retailer, where you can buy in a safe-shopping environment. The best rain shower head brands are available for your convenience and comparison.

Basics of Rain Shower Heads

No longer is a showerhead just a piece of metal that sticks out of the wall and douses you with a jet of water. Showerheads have become fashion statements and beautifying accessories that transform your bathroom from a dull, drab room into a luxurious, relaxing retreat.

Several different kinds of rain shower heads are now available, in a range of prices to fit any budget. Specialist retailers have vast inventories. Online retail giants like Amazon.com feature hundreds of models. And the challenge is finding the ideal shower head to match your needs.

Rain Shower Head Reviews was established with the aim of meeting that need. Here you will learn about the various kinds of showerheads and their relative merits and drawbacks.

Fixed-head showerheads are wall- or ceiling mounted rain shower heads that you can operate hands-free. Rain shower head with handheld nozzles can be detached to hold in your hand and direct the spray at will. There are oil rubbed bronze rain shower head models which add a touch of class and elegance to any bathroom, and LED rain shower heads that dramatically change color according to the temperature of running water.

The best rain shower head models deliver a smooth, gentle flow of water that caresses and soothes your body, while offering a stylish look that adds a touch of class to your bathroom. Square rain shower head designs are extremely popular because they create an illusion of standing in a rainstorm. Temperature settings allow the water to be heated or cooled according to your taste.

Rain Shower Head Buying Guide

When it comes to buying rain shower heads, you are spoiled for choice. In fact you will be overwhelmed with so many different models, brands and designs to choose from that it can be difficult to pick just one!

On Rain Shower Head Reviews, we set out to help you solve that problem by picking a few of the choicest models to review. You’ll find rain shower head reviews of models by Kohler, Moen, Delta, Grohe, Danze and Hansgrohe rain showerheads.

The reviews will be unbiased and factual, derived from some personal testing as well as extensive review and surveys of what other buyers just like you are saying about these rain shower heads.

It is not our aim to convince you to buy any specific model – unless it is right for you. The purpose of these rain shower head reviews is to present you with enough information to make a decision. If the material on this site helps you to choose one rain showerhead over another, we hope that you will order through one of our links which makes us a small referral fee – but that’s not the reason why we have selected these items to feature on the site.

These rain shower head reviews are of models we believe are the best – and hundreds of happy buyers agree with this assessment.

It is our fond hope that you too will find the rain shower head of your dreams from this collection and enjoy the thrill and joy of transforming your bathroom and shower into a delightful experience!

Best Rain Shower Heads

Featured brands of showerheads on this site include some of the best known suppliers across the world. Each page of reviews will share detailed information to help you find the right model for your needs and make a decision about buying a rain shower head.

Here are the best rain shower head brands and models, organized by brand in no particular order…

Best Rain Shower Head Reviews


Before you buy any rain showerhead, take a look at this short but useful rain shower head buying guide tutorial.

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