3 simple bathroom updates on a budget

Renovations can be an expensive and lengthy process. There are, however, ways to revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank! We gathered our top five simple bathroom updates that make a big difference without killing your pocketbook.  


You probably don’t even realize just how much you utilize your bathroom mirror. Without intending to be, the bathroom mirror becomes the focal point of the room. Giving it a facelift can have a surprisingly dramatic effect on the feel of the entire bathroom.

Ashley from Cherished Bliss created atrendy farmhouse style frame to embellish her existing bathroom mirror.  Using a pre-built wooden frame and some stain, you can completely DIY this look for your bathroom with very little labor. Click here for instructions and supplies needed!

If the farmhouse style isn’t your jive, then you can always replace the mirror entirely. This Moen model can be bought on Amazon for a shockingly low price. With it’s tilting capabilities and sleek style, it will give your bathroom a classy touch.


One simple update that can refresh your bathroom for very little cost is a change in decor. If your bathroom is lacking a theme, pick one and run with it! Hang some prints of the ocean along with a variety of seashells for a beachy seaside feel. Get a shelf with industrial elements and add some wire shelves for a more masculine environment.


Your shower head does more than just keep you clean. It gives your bathroom a stylish edge. Changing out your shower head can be just the facelift your bathroom needs.

Looking to create a more relaxing spa-like atmosphere? Consider a rain shower head.This Moen model sports a 9-inch pivoting outer ring with 3 different spray settings! It has a budget friendly price and installation takes less than five minutes.

If you are looking for something more versatile, chec

k outthis handheld shower head. It’s 6 different multi-functions give you the most variety in spray pattern and pressure. The handheld design allows you to use it for showering, cleaning, and even bathing your pets with ease!