Cities in Spain with the highest standard of living

Of course, Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This is proved by numerous ratings and studies, the views of ordinary people who have visited the country of the infinitely generous sun, as well as a constant level of immigration – wishing to become citizens of Spain is always in wealth. What cities should be considered in the first place, if there is a desire to move to Spain? We will tell you about the best cities in this magnificent country, based on data on living standards collected from various sources.

Speaking of Spain, it is difficult to identify the best places to live – every corner of the country is beautiful in its own way. However, the ratings compiled by researchers allow us to draw conclusions about the standard of living and highlight those cities where it is the highest. According to the ratings of the best cities in the world for life, compiled by experts from various publications, in Spain the leaders are “two capitals” – Madrid and Barcelona. Indicators, according to which the assessment is carried out – the state of the economy and the environmental situation, political and social environment, the quality of health care and education, the cost and availability of housing, climate, cultural life, safety, the presence of restrictions (such as censorship) and the likelihood of natural disasters.

Barcelona – life in the capital of Catalonia

This is where people from all over the world who have chosen Spain most often decide to move. In the capital of Catalonia it is convenient to live, work, study and rest. Climate is comfortable in every respect, in winter the thermometer column rarely falls below +10 degrees Celsius, and in summer it usually does not rise above +30. It rains little, the infrastructure is worthy of the highest marks. But here are the prices for housing, of course, higher than in many other Spanish cities. The cost per square meter of housing in the city center is on average 4728.26 euros.

Madrid – comfort away from the sea

In winter you can see snow here, but the temperature is usually +5 degrees, in summer – about +30. The level of education and health care is high. Prospects for investment and business are positive. The city is suitable for those who do not want to live near the coast – to it in a straight line about 300 km. The cost of a square meter in the city center is about 4646.88 euros.

The best city of Spain to buy real estate

Barcelona and Madrid are the largest and most popular cities in Spain. However, there are many other wonderful places to live in this country. According to the service Numbeo, which identified an index of living standards based on purchasing power, safety indices, health, climate, cost of living, housing prices, pollution and even transport time, the leaders in Spain are other cities. They are less popular, but according to the indices – even more prosperous than Barcelona and Madrid, where the standard of living was estimated at 139.18 and 147.73 points, respectively.

Santander. First place in a city with a rating approaching the absolute maximum of Numbeo. The quality of life here was rated at 208.61 points and is characterized as very high. It has the lowest level of pollution, low cost of living and property. At the same time, the safety and health levels are very high. The cost per square meter of housing in the center is about 1866.67 euros. 

Palma. It is a city on the tourist island of Mallorca, where you can now easily find mallorca real estate rentals. This way you will have the opportunity to get close to this wonderful island and find everything you need for a comfortable life. If you like living on the Mediterranean Sea, you can buy a property in Mallorca and move in with your family.