How to choose a water filter

Today it is very difficult to find really clean water that does not require additional filtration. Mostly natural springs contain a huge amount of bacteria harmful to the human body. It is therefore necessary to purify the water before it is consumed. In this article you will learn how to install a water filter.

Which water filter is best to install

Before buying, it is important to decide which water filter to install. There are a huge number of them, and each of the filters has its own individual features. Before you buy and install a water filter directly, learn about their types and operating principles. This will make it easier to buy the product, and the degree of water treatment depends on your choice.

There are two main types of water filters: jug water filter and flowing water filter. If the installation of a jug water filter allows you to purify water only slightly, the flow rate provides a higher degree of filtration. The cost of a water jug filter is lower, which is due to its low efficiency and slow cleaning. Also, jug filters cannot be included in a chain of multiple filter elements.

The installation of a flow filter for water will ensure maximum cleaning efficiency in the home. However, the price of such equipment is also much higher than that of a jug filter. Installation of a water flow filter starts with its connection to the water supply system. There may be some difficulties with this, but they are quite easy to solve. Install apec RO-90 water filtration system better with a help of professionals.

In turn, the flow filters are divided into 3 subgroups:

  • filter nozzles on the water tap;
  • filters with possible connection to the tap;
  • stationary filters for water.

With the use of combined hydraulic filters-nozzle can significantly increase the degree of treatment of tap water, but then their service life will be minimal. You have to choose between frequent financial costs and the need for maximum home water purification.

The installation of a flow-through hydro filter is considered the best solution for cleaning tap water at home. This model is also economical in financial terms. Installation of a flow filter starts with the connection to the tap. This may take some time as it involves a more complex installation process. The flow filter for water treatment has a complex design of considerable size. You will need a flexible hose during the installation of the water filter.

Flowing hydro filters are often also used for electrochemical water treatment, which significantly improves the quality of the liquid. Fixed structures are more suitable for you here, as the installation of a stationary household flow filter provides a high degree of purification. At installation it is necessary to consider possibility of group consecutive connection that several times will raise quality of process of clearing of liquid from foreign admixtures. Installation of a stationary domestic flow filter is connected to the general water supply system.

The stationary flow filter for water treatment has one feature: the connection to the water supply system is identical to any other water-dispensing equipment, which in turn eliminates the problem of the water filter failure. The very design of the stationary flow filter for water treatment is also unusual. Most models have the ability to change cartridges. Of course, such hydro filters are quite expensive, compared to one-time models, however, this design will soon pay off, because it is much easier to change the cartridge than to re-install the filter for water purification.

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