Moen Faucets – A Blend of Beauty & Utility

Moen faucets make a fashion statement while providing great utilitarian value as well. When shopping for a faucet, whether bathroom or kitchen, you want a product that is as much an accessory as it is a utility. Based on extensive market research , Moen faucets add a touch of class and reliability to your kitchen, bathroom and bar.

The kitchen faucet has been revolutionized by the new innovative Moen reflex faucet.Docile, yet secure to dock, this Moen faucet brings ease to doing dishes and watching it retract to its original position shows the amount of work that went into making that kitchen masterpiece. When it comes to choosing a faucet, not only in the kitchen but in a general sense, you have to consider the already set plumbing supply.

Moen faucets come in an array of designs ranging from single handled one, pull down faucets and even bridges. An option is also available to purchase addition components and Moen parts such as rough in valves to integrate the faucet into your plumbing if it is for an already built kitchen.

The bathroom is considered a haven for sensual relief and Moen faucets are the bathroom’s very cornerstone. The faucets introduce unique designs to your shower and tub, your bathroom sink and down to the bidet. The bathroom and tub faucets made by Moen have replaced the old plain zinc faucet and replaced it with an the Moen Lifeshine.

What sets apart the Moen Lifeshine, is the the electroplated chrome finish that reduces the risk of water corrosion to zero and in the same breath giving the faucets a good polished shine.

The Moen bathroom sink has four major variations, the wall-mount, the eight inch the four inch and the single hole. Wall mounted faucets are easy on the eye and tend to work best with wall mounted or under-mounted sinks. The widespread faucet or the 8 inch would be best choice for hot and cold water dispensers separate from the nozzle while the center-set faucet its smaller counterpart is of a more compact nature and also placed on the counter-top.

If you are looking for these and more designs to bring a more homely comfort to your home, you could do well by going with Moen faucets.