Shower Diverter Valve – Which One To Choose?

There is no doubt that your shower diverter valve is an important part of the tub shower system. But just what is this gadget that is so important? Simply put, it refers to a two-way system which regulates water flow either to your bathtub spout or to your shower head.

Put in a different way, shower diverter valve is capable of allowing water into the tub spout, or can be adjusted so that it forces water to be diverted to your shower head via set of pipes.

Basically, there are two kinds of bath diverter valves. The first one is in the form of a lever, and can be pulled or pushed in controlling the flow of water. The other type is in form of a handle which is rotated to regulate the diverter valve.

Because shower diverter valves are so critical in your bathtub system, it is important that you choose something that is durable. Do not just look at the style in which the gadget has been designed. In order to pick the one that fits your needs, we discuss three types of these valves below, so that you can know which one is best for your particular case.

Three-Valve Diverter

Located between taps on two-tap faucet, this diverter type is capable of bringing water to tub and the shower. In order to have the water mixed to the right temperature, you will have to turn on both the cold and hot water taps. When the diverter is turned on 180 degrees clockwise, properly mixed water will flow out via the showerhead. However, to reverse the water flow to the bath tub, the diverter is turned in the anticlockwise direction.

Two-Valve Diverter

Just like in a 3-valve diverter, water is run through the spout of the tub until such a time when it has been mixed to the desired temperatures. This diverter has two valves that are L-shaped, and which push water upward in the direction of a shower arm. This water is subsequently led out to the shower head.

This two-valve diverter can be positioned in the middle of a faucet which adjusts temperature with one dial. Turning to the right gives cold water while turning to the left provides hot water. Another way in which this 2-way valve could be installed would be by setting it between the taps in a 2-tap faucet.

Tee Diverter

Another common type of shower diverter valve is the tee diverter. This is normally positioned in a tub spout. You get to run water to the desired temperature, after which you will pull diverter pull arm which is located at the tub spout. What follows is that the water rushes out via the shower head.

With a shower diverter valve, it is possible to install the shower over the tub. This subsequently eliminates any need for a different enclosure or shower stall. Not only does this save the much needed space in the bedroom, but it also eliminates the need to install extra piping, faucets and tiling in the bedroom. To cut off the flow of water is a rubber washer. It instead forces the water through the showerhead vertically.