Understanding Shower Head Holder

shower head holder comes in different sizes, colors, and styles to fit different people’s tastes and preference. One thing that all shower head holders have in common is the versatility and convenience they provide users.

A shower head holder eliminates the inconvenience brought about by a fixed shower head, by providing a convenient place where one can place a hand held shower head. This means that different people can fix a holder at the height they are comfortable with for a more enjoyable shower experience.

There are several things you need to consider before you can settle on a shower head holder for your bathroom.

Type of shower head

This will ensure that you select a shower head holder that fits your existing shower head, especially when you are not replacing the whole system and just want to add the holder.

The Shower Head Holder’s Functionality

The essence of buying a shower head holder is to eliminate the need to always hold a handheld shower every time you want to use it. Different types of shower head holders work to eliminate this inconvenience by either providing a non-movable fixture where you can place the shower head, or a rotating fixture that enables you to direct the shower head in whatever direction you choose.

Shower head holder fixtures

Some shower head holders require permanent holes that have to be drilled on the bathroom tiles for the holder to be mounted, and hold properly. Other holders can be attached to the bathroom wall by suction or adhesive, making them the ideal choice for buyers who do not wish to drill holes into their bathroom tiles.

Material used to make the holder

Shower head holders are made of different materials ranging from plastic to brass. This gives different buyers enough options when it comes to choosing a holder that fits their style and is also in harmony with the rest of the bathroom fixtures and decor.


It is only wise to buy a holder that is within your budget. However, you should never compromise on quality, meaning that the cheapest holders are not always the best. Choose a shower head holder that is of good quality, and its price falls within your budget.

There is no denying that shower head holders have made using a handheld shower both convenient and enjoyable. They have also made it possible for children, the elderly, and the disabled to enjoy taking a shower without requiring any help to do so. Shower head holders also ensure that you do not waste a lot of water as the shower head is directed to the area you want to clean.

Switching from a fixed shower head to a handheld shower head is a sure smart move, and including a shower head holder in the whole setup ensures that you still have both your hands free, and can enjoy taking a shower without having to hold the shower head every time you are in the shower.