What are the bets on football?

Tens of millions of people play professional and amateur football. It is obvious that bookmakers offer numerous types of bets on the outcome of a match or its separate segment. You can find them all on the website pin-up.bet. So, there are bets:

  • On the outcome (win or draw)
  • On the odds
  • Number of goals (total)
  • To the exact score
  • On authors heads
  • On the outcomes of time
  • To other statistics (number of corners, violations, warnings, hits, replacements, etc.)

The number of bets can be about a hundred. There are quite exotic options. For example, will the Uruguayan Suarez bite his opponent in the next match of the Champions League, whether the baby of Leo Messi is going to be sick in front of Real Madrid. We will analyze the main types of bets in more detail.

The main types of bets

  1. Bets on outcomes. These experts include the results of the main time of a football match. This is either the victory of one of the teams, or a draw. Bookmakers offer high odds for outcomes along with insignificant margins.
  2. Bets on the odds. This concept refers to the goal difference in the final protocol of the match. A handicap can be minus, for example (-1.5 +1.5). The first option will bring money if your team wins with a difference of two or more goals. The second – if the team does not lose with a handicap of one and a half ball (0-1 is quite satisfied).
  3. Total. This is a bet on more or less number of goals. In this case, you must guess the total number of goals.
  4. Exact account. Despite the high odds, this is the most risky type of betting. The player must predict the accuracy of the final result on the scoreboard.
  5. Bets on the results of the halves. Making such a bet, you must guess the score of individual segments of the match.
  6. There are also bets on the authors of the balls, the number of fouls, substitutions and other statistics. Most of them are allowed right during the match.

The obvious advantages of football betting

Famous betting organizations provide rates of up to $ 10-50 thousand. At the same time, one should not forget about a low margin rate. Football coefficients are much higher than hockey, handball. Make bets allowed in real time, watching the match. Online broadcasts allow you to effectively maneuver in the world of tote, based on the scenario of the game. Agree, this is a definite plus.

Help of statistics: an analytical approach to football betting

Deep, comprehensive analytics of the emerging team rendezvous is extremely important. It is unprincipled what type of bet you decide to give preference – the pre-match analyst accompanies every serious prediction. Let’s find out what is important when analyzing sports and near-football moments.

  1. “Star” compositions. This is a key point, because according to statistics, a team of higher performing skills prevails. Dry numbers will not lie.
  2. The physical form of the teams. Another important aspect is the physical condition of the players. To assess the notorious form of players, you can view the last few meetings of teams, or refer to the language of numbers. For example, Bayern or Barca, regularly issuing long win-win series, are unlikely to face problems with Freiburg and Elche, respectively.
  3. Hosts vs. Guests According to statistics, the home team has more chances to win with equal compositions. As they say, houses and walls help. But we must not forget about the Law of Murphy, according to which in the end something will happen that in essence can or should happen. There are rare squads that are much better at a party than in their native arena. In short, dry statistics to help you.
  4. Motivation. It is advisable to look at the position of the commands in the table. Unmotivated players often “merge” games to opponents, for whom victory is more important than life.